Resilient: The language industry in 2020 and beyond

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Resilient: The language industry in 2020 and beyond

These times of having to deal with a global pandemic and to be able to resist the market have been quite an adventure also for the language industry since everyone had to move their workstation at home and to provide the same efficiency and quality as in the years before. 

This presentation was part of the conferences from SDL Trados Virtual Conferences and was held on the 3rd of November. What I liked most about this video was the presentation itself, which was very clean and well-documented. It started with an agenda of the things that will be discussed during the presentation, which helped at staying focused on each of the subjects that were exposed. The host, Florian Faes is the headquarter of Slator, that is best known for the news parts on the language industry, but also provides data and research, so they were best to tell us what is really going on.

Basically, the language industry has not backed down during this pandemic, but it kept a robust and growing status within the other industries and has survived quite well financially. As the research has shown, language services are essential to global commerce, and I couldn’t agree more. The resilience of this industry is proven by the fact that the Language Industry Job Index is the same as it was at the beginning of the year 2019, which is quite surprising, in spite of the coronavirus lockdown and is doing really well, in some sectors of activity, such as technology, life sciences, finance, and gaming, as their indexes are going up.

I was really pleased to discover that many enterprises are investing in the language industry at this point, which is “a vote of confidence into the future of this industry”. Also the analysis has shown that machine translation, which is being used for over half a decade now is omnipresent and people have confidence using it, since the quality of it has risen a lot and obviously has a resilient future ahead.

Besides being a very useful and resourceful presentation, Florian mentioned in the Q&A section that now is the time for sales and marketing for LSPs. He gave some examples on how to improve their websites and their resources and research methods, by increasing the visibility on the market, enhancing their marketing strategy, and keeping up with the new technologies that are coming out to use them in their favor. 

Finally, I want to recommend watching this presentation, in order to get a broadened image on how this sector of activity is doing on the market and the future changes that are insight. There is definitely much data that you can collect and use, as it is very rich in information for every LSP out there that wants to succeed and have a brilliant career.

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